Great Gifts For Surfers All The Surfboards in CA Print

All The Surfboards in Ca Print

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Surfin’ USA

Obsession manifests itself in various ways. For James Gulliver Hancock, it takes the form of a virtual road trip across the United States, where the artist happily examines, characterizes, and delights in the quirkiest qualities of a particular locale. The Australian-born artist represents particular states from coast to coast by drawing an object that he felt typified a city or state and pulled his attention in each place.

The Beach Boys weren’t exaggerating when they said “If everybody had an ocean across the USA, then everybody’d be surfin’ like Californ-I-A.” For decades, big wave riders have hit the breakers along Southern California’s legendary shorelines, including Trestles, Rincon, The Wedge, Huntington Beach, and Malibu. In this print, James personifies California’s iconic coastlines with an ocean of overlapping boards of all sizes and shapes. A fun way to relive a vacation, memorialize your favorite past-time or to remember your past life as a wave warrior, this hand-pulled one-color silkscreen print on RFK Rives paper brings the spirit of sunny California to your very own home. Handmade in Brooklyn.